They also provide different types of locks, fitting, replacing and repairing them as well.
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Job of a Residential Locksmith

Most of the locksmith agencies around the world offer a host of services ranging from industrial to commercial to automotive to residential. But, the most frequently used out of this lot are the services of a residential locksmith and service homes, apartments, bungalows, mansions and the likes. For everyone their homes are the safe haven that houses all their valuables which makes it an absolute necessity to guard our homes and have top notch security for it for a complete sense of protection for yourself, you dear ones and the valuable assets. Residential locksmiths upgrade the locks that your home comes with and enhance your security system. They even install keypad locking systems that make use of a code to get entry through the door. This is one of the best options for people who are often out of town or have some precious and valued possessions at their homes. The residential locksmiths also offer free audits for your security systems which just add the advantages for calling these locksmiths.

These Mobile locksmiths are skilled in repairing and replacing damaged locks and keys to prevent you from falling a prey to the locked out and intruder situations. They even provide some free keys as a courtesy. Some residential servicing agencies offer security surveillance systems too for better security and protection of your homes. And this happens to be one of the reasons why people opt for CCTV surveillance for their personal security. The best way to find a trusted locksmith is via the internet.